About Us
We are a family run business with over 50 years and 2 generations of experience in new home and commercial building, renovations, additions, outdoor spaces, and all facets of construction.
We combine exceptional old world craftsmanship with new and innovative building techniques, products and technologies.

As Builders and General Contractors, customer service and satisfaction is our first priority. Superior service and exceptional craftsmanship have grown our company through word of mouth and referrals from previous clients. Since our beginning, many of our clients return to us in order to build their second or third home, or for any new building projects they may have.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best quality and service in the industry.

The story of our company and family started 63 years ago...brick by brick...

At 13 years old in Calabria Italy, Francesco (Frank) Belvedere began his career as an apprentice to the toughest teachers he would know, his father, Carmelo Belvedere and his grandfather Francesco Belvedere.

As tradition and necessity dictated, his father and grandfather taught him all facets of masonry and concrete work in the precise and strict old world manner. At 13, this was not easy, but their teaching and example became invaluable. They passed on their strict work ethic to him. They taught him every detail, from poured cement to stucco, from brick laying and stone masonry to ceramic tile, marble and granite work, Frank absorbed every aspect and detail of masonry and cement work.

Years later he joked that for the first year they all made certain he was the job's "go get it guy" and they ran him ragged. In that first year, as was tradition, young Frank was only allowed to observe and learn by seeing, not doing. Yet, by the time he arrived in America at age 21, Frank had become an expert craftsman and mason.

He soon secured work for a local builder in New Jersey and quickly earned a fine reputation as a skilled mason. During this time he also learned English, made friends and connections and adapted to a new way of life in America.

Always ambitious, he worked for his employer on weekdays and also took on small repair and masonry jobs on weekends to help support his growing family and start his own home building company. For several years he worked diligently during the day for his employer, worked for himself on weekends and took the bus to NYC every evening, where he studied hard in a technical school in order to learn how to read blueprints and specifications. He also learned the practical application of that knowledge to construct a home or building from the ground up....to build a structure from a rock solid foundation to complete it with precisely detailed finishings.

After a very short time on his own, Frank earned a solid reputation as a premier home builder in South East Bergen County and Northern New Jersey. His homes were sought after and his company thrived and grew by word of mouth. His customer's satisfaction were one of his top priorities, second only to a solidly well built home! This is our family promise!

Our family is our business and so, our business is personal.Frank's father Carmelo even came from Italy to assist him until he retired. Even though his hands were retired, Carmelo would frequently be seen keeping his eyes on the job sites...he did this well into his old age....anything for the family business!

Our dad was able to build his dream and our company a brick at a time until the life he imagined for himself and his family became a reality. Our dad also helped his friends and family from the old country gain a foothold in the new country and offered jobs and help to start their own businesses.

"If one of us does well, we all do well."

Years later he was able to pass on his wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to his son, Carmelo Belvedere who learned this business from the age of 17 in the same manner his father did...brick by brick. No teacher would ever be as valuable and as tough and no foundation ever as solid as this!


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